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Size Chart

size chart


50x75 cm | 19.6x29.5" (Fits pillows up to 50x75 cm, UK/ NL standard )
40x80 cm |  15.7x31.5" (Fits pillows up to 40x80 cm, DE standard )
80x80 cm |  31.5x31.5" (Fits pillows up to 40x80 cm, DE standard )

Cradle / basket sheets

40x80x12 cm |  15.7x31.5x4.7" (Fits cradles, strollers, moses baskets)

70x100 cm | 27.5x39" (multipurpose baby flat sheet)

Crib / Cot fitted sheets

60x120x23 cm |  23.5x47x9" (Fits EU standard crib*)

70x140x23 cm | 27.5x55x9" (Fits US/ CA/ AU standard crib)

Toddler fitted sheets

70x140x23 cm | 27.5x55x9" (Fits EU standard junior bed)

70x160x23 cm | 27.5x63x9" (Fits IKEA's children's beds)

80x160x23 cm | 31.5x63x9" (Fits IKEA's extendable beds)

Single fitted sheets

90x200x25 cm | 35.5x78.7x9.8" (Fits EU standard single bed)

100x200x38 cm | 39x78.7x15" (Fits EU single XL bed)

Twin fitted sheets

99x191x38 cm | 39x75x15" (Fits US standard twin bed)

Double fitted sheets 

120x200x30 cm | 47x79x11.8"  (Fits small double / three quarter)

140x200x30 cm | 55x79x11.8" (Fits double / full bed*)

160x200x30 cm | 63x79x11.8" (Fits US+AU Queen / EU king bed*)

180x200x30 cm | 71x79x11.8" (Fits US+AU king / EU grand king bed*) 


*Please always double check your mattress to make sure you choose the right size. Terms such as King, queen etc may vary in different countries as well as IKEA's bed sizes.