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We recently discovered this beautiful outdoors space where Mariët, aka the lovely @missjettle has used our sheets to create a super cozy sitting area.
We just had to share this space with you and find out more about the process behind it.

Q: Hi Mariët, we absolutely fell in love with your outdoors space! Would you mind telling us how you started the makeover of this space- did you have a clear vision or did it evolve along the process?

A: I started to paint all the wood inside in white. After 3 times it finally was white and the styling could begin…

Q: Did you make big changes or was it mostly about styling the space?

A: The painting was a huge makeover by itself. The styling came after that. I'm in love with bamboo and I thought it would be nice to get bamboo furniture which I could style with different textiles. An eye catcher I think!


Q: What’s your favourite thing about this space?

A: I love to change the decoration on the wooden walls. It's easy to do. I can play around with colours because of the neutral base. It's the perfect spot for a warm summer evening. With some wine and candles it is really cozy!

Q:  Do you go about designing an outdoors space the same way you design an indoors space or is it different for you?

A: I think the outside must be an extension of the inside.. So it matches. The white base, the shades of pink.. You can see it inside but also outside. 


Q: What tips would you give someone who wants to upgrade their outdoors space?

A: Try to think low budget. You can often give something a completely new life with some paint, instead of buying new.

As you can see, Mariët keeps changing the styling to create a new and fresh atmosphere. Here she's playing around with our Terracotta pink and the Tranquil gray Rainbows sheets.

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