Climate change is real.
What can we do (or not do)?
Is what we ask ourselves every single morning.

We only use 100% organic cotton in our bedding. Read why here!




We are proud to say that our entire bedding range is both Oeko-tex & GOTS certified. 

You can now enjoy your sleep with a squeaky clean conscience.


 drop of water 

Every Drop Counts
That's why we only use digital print in our textiles!
Digital print requires much less power and water compared to traditional rotary printing.
The finish is also much softer, and the quality of the print itself is much higher.
Digital print is also more consistent, resulting in less fabric waste.
bye bye plastic
Bye bye plastic
We are completely fed up with all this plastic packaging everywhere. We don’t like it so we got rid of it. And you should too! Choose plastic-free, whenever you can.  
clock slow down fashion
Slow down, fashion!

We choose quality over quantity- cheesy but true. Your sheets will last longer and you’ll sleep better at night knowing you are helping save the planet.


sewing machine
Made in Europe
Having production close to home not only allows us to visit our factories on a regular basis to ensure quality and welfare of our workers, it also reduces our carbon footprint significantly.
All of our products are designed in Sweden, and made in Portugal.