RAINBOWS | Fitted sheet | 60x120cm / 23.5x47" | Cinnamon brown
fitted crib sheet boho brown
Organic fitted crib sheets with waves brown
Packaging organic crib sheets brown

RAINBOWS | Fitted sheet | 60x120cm / 23.5x47" | Cinnamon brown


How did you sleep tonight? Yep, we know. We've been there too.

Our crib sheet is designed to get your baby's bed nice & comfy to maximize the chances for a good all-night’s sleep and some well-deserved zZz’s. Swede dreams!

100% organic cotton percale. GOTS certified.

Other stuff you should know about our sheets:

+ Soft & breathable.

+ Fully elasticated hem for a secure fit, just in case your child is a kicker too!

+ Will get softer & smoother after each wash.

Crisp & cool - helps your kid to maintain a perfect body temperature.

+ Tightly woven which helps to keep dust & mites away.

+  Will last for years (& kids) to come.

+ 200 thread count cotton percale. (Why percale?)

+ Digitally printed.

Oeko-tex® certifiedperfect for kids' delicate skin.

GOTS certified, because we really do care.

+ Designed in Sweden | made in Portugal.

 Size chart:   
size chart
*** SOLD OUT. The next batch is expected at the end of November 2020. Pre-orders are open now ***